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Section 1: Introduction (PDF, 1.44 MB)

Successful places that compete well have good planning, and the growing recognition of the value of regionalism and the importance of regional consensus-building were cornerstones in developing a plan that transcends boundaries, empowers the region and builds on successful foundations.

The 2040 Plan reflects the outcomes of the Project Region outreach process, including the Regional Vision Scenario and the 16 policies (the Plan Policies) that are used to help guide the region towards achieving the vision.  The Plan Policies are focused in three key areas; places, connections and activities. SPC reaffirmed the use of this Regional Vision Scenario and all that it entails as the basis for the 2040 Plan Update. 

“The planning process is a means of dealing with change.”
--Governor’s Center for Local Government Services

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Bike Trail In Allegheny County

The Majestic Pittsburgh Skyline

Aspinwall, Pennsylvania

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